Somebody tell me: Is THE PROWLER as DOPE as it looks?

 So I vaguely remember seeing this cover to The Prowler #1 in stores and thinking the art was nice-looking... but I was only mildly tempted to look at it, let alone buy the thing.  Fast-forward today. After spotting "story so far" page from the preview to issue 2 below, which lays out the premise of the series... I am FIENDING to read this shit!

Okay, if you're new to The Prowler like me, you may appreciate these pages from the first issue I copped from CBR...

Not bad, right?  So then I read these preview joints today.

This "story so far" page has single-handedly sold me on this series. There is so much fire to unpack.  Since the series revolves around the Jackal, I imagine I am flirting with being sucked into that Clone Shit.  I am not happy about this, but I am tempted to buy The Prowler anyways (y'all know I love me some d-list super heroes).

I love the Anubis-inspired re-design of the Jackal by the way, because I know Marvel lives for my approval...
I grew up a Marvel Zombie, and as I get my life back together post-divorce, I find my love of comics firing back up.  I would actually go buy The Prowler #1 (and many more comics, probably) right now if not for the fact that Marvel insists on pricing their issues at four bucks, which for me is not even approaching sustainable for me, especially since it will surely lure me back into buying Spidey regularly as well.  I'm not in the mood to rant about Marvel's pricing of its trade paperbacks right now, so don't ask.
All that said, from what I've seen, The Prowler looks incredible, and I definitely recommend it to anyone doing better financially than me.  Are you reading this comic?  What's your thoughts on it?  I'm down to build about it in the comments, or on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You know what to do, fam...

Have great day!

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