[(Ghost Rider x Punisher) + Baby Thanos] x [GotG + (HtDxJN) + Cable] = FxCK YEAH #DoTheMath

 I officially FUX wit COSMIC GHOST RIDER, the Spirit of Vengeance-possessed, Galactus-enhanced, post-Valhallan, anti-hero-formerly known as the Punisher.  This book anchored by Donny Cates and Dylan Burnet is more fun than a barrel of time-traveling cyborg monkeys, fam...
The sales pitch:

Cosmic Ghost Rider reads like the best fanfic ever.  Like it is being written, drawn, and shared on message boards...  Like it's being hand-printed and sold at cons by a team of community college classmates who are just trying to crank out as many issues as possible before the cease and desist comes.  Like they go to church every Sunday, and the preacher tells them specifically not to make this book, and they feel really guilty... but they do it anyway, because it FEELS.  SO. GOOD!

The batshit crazy writing style Cates employs on Cosmic Ghost Rider isn't something I want to see on every book, but it is definitely awesome to read in moderation.  With characters like Howard the Duck and Rocket Racoon in its stable (lol) of characters, it's good to see a little whimsy being employed at Marvel.  This book replicates the feelgood I generally hafta get from indie superhero comics like Invincible and Savage Dragon, which is a compliment.

Anyways, I'll say it again:  I fux wit Cosmic Ghost Rider, and will show up to cop issue 3 when it hits stores September 5th.

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