it's gettin' Dark, and Hell is hot...

went to the Midnight show of The Dark Knight, and one thing is for sure: this joint's gonna make a load'a bread! i had to go to three theaters to find one that hadn't sold out multiple screens, and i got one of the last spots available, sitting in the chronic kneck-pain seats.
and it was worth it...
i doubt if any movie, let alone one about a guy dressing up like a bat and bitch-slapping the wicked, could live up to the hype The Dark Knight brought in with it, but i'd say director Chris Nolan comes damn close to a perfect superhero movie, with this follow-up to his fan-favorite big-budget debut, Batman Begins.Dark Knight made me happy, like Begins, by breaking superhero movie molds. where most sequels in the genre choose to focus on the villain's sad story leading up to transforming them into the evil bastard that has to be stopped, Dark Knight respects the audience enough not to bother. rather than engage in poorly constructed psycho-babble, The Dark Knight sticks to the psycho. the Joker is an evil bastard that has to be stopped, and that's all you need to know.
this movie, like Begins, doesn't retread any existing Batman story, it creates a new one... part of the genius is that Nolan's films do what other superhero flicks don't: both Begins and Dark Knight actually add to the mythos of the characters. he ties the Joker to Batman flawlessly, showing how the strengths and weaknesses of both men tie them together as the ultimate arch-enemies. by the end of the film, Batman turns everything that has happened to his advantage, even the loss of everything he had hoped for the whole film. he is possibly the most pure interpretation of Batman's personality ever seen on screen.
The film is not without weaknesses. i still think these films rely too heavily on action movie logic, where a more horror-suspense bent would work better. talking while fighting, car chases, and technology effects are all a ton of fun, but i don't think they are Nolan's strong suit. speaking of which, the Batman suit still needs work... the cape doesn't do the Batman thing of adding to his general scariness that you get in the comic. the beauty of it is that like Batman Begins, the strength of Dark Knight lies with the story and the actors, not the action-superhero window dressing.
and the acting was fabulous. while there were no weak performances, the late Heath Ledger owned this film. i can't say enough about his low down, gritty, grimy performance. he was so good, i actually think he will get that Oscar nod every one keeps talking about (he's a lock for the Golden Globe). from his first scene, he erased every prior interpretation of the sneering mass-murdering anarchist Joker, grounding the larger-than-life "clown prince of crime" in the real world...
so anyways, in case you can't tell, i thought The Dark Knight was even better than Batman Begins. even with all the flaws i mentioned, i considered it an overall fabulous picture that i can't wait to watch again. the Batman is brutal and ruthless, and the Joker is even more so. go check 'em out, and come back here and let's talk about it...


B_Steelo said...

"let me show you a magic trick"
I think that was the best line out of the whole movie.

I about fell out.

Goldi gold said...

matinee tomorrow, yea!!!

Cal Slayton said...

"Believe the hype, it's a sequel!"

Great film.

---- "let me show you a magic trick"
I think that was the best line out of the whole movie.---

AGREED. That was just the best. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

i wasn't gonna go see this, but your review changed my mind!

shit was SICK!!!

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