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i was DYING to read this book and i finally got my hands on Blackbird: Growing Pains (1 of 3) with art and story by hot young talent Charlie "Fab" Goubile, and it was pretty good. Goubile builds a familiar origin story, with a few new twists. He combines noirish elements with humor well, and watching the main character grow in both age and prowess is a treat. Goubile has upgraded his art style, incorporating elements that remind me of Jason Pearson and Michael Golden (ALWAYS a good thing!), but i can also see where he is growing in his own direction...
the book's pretty good! i would recommend this book to anyone. if Goubile can keep it up, he will have a hit on his hands! but you need not take my word for it... click on the cover to see preview art and purchase Blackbird:Growing Pains from IndyPlanet.com -ghettoManga.com

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