There's a 'Chasing Amy' Manga?

So i've been working on a book called 99 Movies That Should Be Comics for a while now... the hardest thing about writing the book is that the damn Japanese have made so many of our great movies into comics already. but in all seriousness, i was disappointed to find out that Chasing Amy was adapted to comics already (or rather to 'comic novel"... half of the book is a regular novel), because it was definitely on my list. but this one is not such a tragedy, since the audience for Chasing Amy pretty much already reads comics (it's an artsy romantic comedy about indy comics artists, written and directed by comics super-fan Kevin Smith of Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob fame).

one of the things that the Japanese comics industry has on ours is that the relationship between Japan's comics and cinema is more mutually beneficial, while ours is pretty much one-sided. i think if more movies were adapted into comics (and not just the other way around), people might be drawn to comics based on the love of the source material. and i mean all kinds of movies, not just action movies. it seems like a few companies (IDW, BOOM! Studios, and mainstay Dark Horse) are hitching their fence to licensing popular properties, and i'd like to see that continue to even lesser films. I'd love to see more directors and screen-writers start their own imprints where they continue the stories of the worlds they create (similar to the Wachowski's Burlyman Entertainment). It takes a lot less money to make comics, and they can sustain an audience for years, even making room for new material decades later (*cough*StarWars*cough*).
anyways, if you want to read a few of my reviews of movies that should be comics, hit my movie review blog.

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