Rex Plode's Origin Starts HERE

it's well known to my readers that i heart Robert Kirkman's superhero smash Invincible, so when i tell you that i expect the new 3 issue Atom Eve & Rex Plode miniseries by Benito Cereno and Nate Bellgarde to be just as good, you should take that as a ringing endorsement. here's the sales pitch:
Picking up right where the first ATOM EVE miniseries left off! See the secret origin of Rex Splode! See what shaped him into the man who tragically sacrificed himself in the Invincible War. Witness his first meeting with Atom Eve and learn their stunning secret!
Based on how ill the Atom Eve mini was, i can't see myself missing this. but don't take my word for it! click the pic above to preview the Rex Plode origin (yup. 9 free pages!), or click the pick on the right for a 5 page preview from the Atom Eve collection which is already in stores! get fired up, party people! Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Plode hits stores Wednesday October 28th.


Arkonbey said...

Man. I keep wanting to get into Invincible; everyone says it's awesome. From what I've seen, it looks awesome.

However, I'm starting so late and the early compilations are like $40...

samax said...

get the Ultimate Collection (the first 13 issues) for 20 bucks:

i don't have a higher recommendation for you cousin! this is my favorite superhero comic. has been for a while...

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