She Rock Mics, You Wait to Exhale

staHHr - "Still Dope" VIDEO

this joint Still Dope (aka track 11 on DOOM's Born Like This )been breakin' my neck for a minute... now the video gives us a look at the fresh Atlanta (f)emcee StaHHr, and has me convinced that i need to cop her new plate Almost Neva Was. sample more of the dopeness off Stahhr's mySpace. props to my dude goldiGold for the artwork (actually album and teeshirt artwork), and for turning me on to this sister's music... please believe, fam: she's mustard! for now, enjoy her spit over a fresh DOOM beat!


EzekielRawlins said...

Just got around to watching this...don't know why I waited so long. She's dope. Thanks for putting this up.

samax said...

I'm getting her album when i can, so you might see more posts about her!

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