Em, Mos Def, and Black Thought

quality rhyming all around...


Wildest Negro In OC said...

an u know em went in hard straight bananas on that ish....like that track "forever".

B-How said...

speachless..."I'm cross between osama, jeffrey dahmer, obama and the dalai lama" WOW!!!. All of em killed it. Oh yeah and Joe killed it in the first cypher

samax said...

i haven't been a big fan of Eminem's recent work (hated it!), but he MUGGED this cipher... a good sign. i was afraid he'd lost his touch.

B_Steelo said...

Em hadn't spit like that since '99.
Everybody in that cypher was ridiculous.

Jeba Mind Tricks said...

oh my goody gosh!! ye that was nice man that was NICE! Yo that beat premier threw on, it was like some cut up version of that percee p vs lord finesse vid, you ever see it?


samax said...

whoa! LOL!
no i never heard that one before! Lord Finesse FTMFW! that's dope! thanks for droppin' it!

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