Brother Voodoo Got His PHD?

I turn my back on Marvel for a minute and everything's different! my favorite D-list character has gotten a SERIOUS promotion! apparently that dude Jericho Drumm aka Brother Voodoo has taken over the role of Sorcerer Supreme from Stephen Strange along with the credentials... so call him Doctor Voodoo now! anywho, i'll be able to tell you better about what the heck's going on when i make it to the comic shop... as for now, click the pic for a 6 page preview to Doctor Voodoo #2! first a black President, and now this!


Troy said...

Where you been at, man? Don't you know that Brian Bendis is all about adding more color to the Marvel U! It happened in NEw Avengers about a fewm onths ago. Check it out.

samax said...

i stopped reading new avengers awhile ago. i guess i need to catch up!

Marcus McElhaney said...

next thing they'll be letting us vote.

Marcus McElhaney said...

...and it will actually count for something.

B_Steelo said...

Dang Brother Voodoo Sorcer Supreme. That's pretty slick

B_Steelo said...

This looks like the same artist for those Black Panther: Secret Invasions with the Jason Pearson covers. This is pretty fresh lookin'

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