(Protect Ya Kneck)

Stone Coal Secret Santa by RoyalBoiler aka Brandon Graham.
please click to enlarge.

this is why i heart Brandon. this joint will serve as the back cover to an upcoming issue of his opus-worthy Image/ Tokyopop comic series King City. Brandon squeezes as much stuff into a page as possible, but it's not just a bunch of stuff, it's FUN stuff! his influences in cartoons, manga, hipHop, etc show on the page. i love reading his comics repeatedly... not just for the story, but to absorb the raw fun in the artwork! very inspirational as an artist.


Corance said...

Brandon Graham is one of the most creative minds in comics. His pages always have something to make your brain cells flutter.

samax said...

yeah. he really puts a lot into his work and it shows! i was an instant fan from my first exposure to his comics!

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