McFarlane and Kirkman's new collabo

if you're a fan of Todd McFarlane or Robert Kirkman (or both), you pro'lly wanna check out this FREE preview of Haunt #1, their new collabo joint from Image. here's the sales pitch:
Daniel Kilgore is dragged into his estranged brother Kurt’s secret life of murder and espionage... by his ghost. With no training whatsoever, guided by the spirit of his secret-agent brother, Daniel must now solve his brother’s murder and save the world – or die trying! It all starts here, people: Witness the birth of HAUNT!
so here ya go! even if you don't care for McFarlane, you might have noticed Ottley (artist on Invincible) on the credits, too... so click the pic to peep the free preview, and let me know what YOU think... Haunt #1 will be in comic shops wednesday october 7th

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