They told him to Act his Age...

When i have trouble sleeping, i just sit down at my drawing board or computer and work instead. last night i colored this Manchild joint, which will probably serve as the cover to Manchild:Birthday Boy when it's eventually collected in graphic novel. if you're new around here, you pro'lly didn't already know that Manchild is the ultraviolent sci-fi tale of the world's illest 3-year-old killing machine... so now you know. anyways, i'm thinking about launching a Manchild webcomic in 2010... whatever the case, i just had this piece laying around and decided to color it. for those who can't wait 'till 2010, I'll include this drawing (along with more Manchild goodies) in my book Spontaneous:2009, which will drop in late December. Chapter 1 of Birthday Boy debuted in the first issue of ghettoManga Quarterly, which you can cop here for $10.

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