Has Anybody Read This Book?

I'm considering buying this Tokyopop OGN called @Large about an internet gaming cafe with a notorious recording studio upstairs, and the geeks, rappers, techno-ninjas, thugs, wannabe's and undercover cops that tend to collide there. I've had the link on this page for awhile, so i don't know if anybody else bought it already and read it. i have gone back to this joint several times to consider copping it... the reviews are complimentary... based on the art on Amazon, it looks pretty cool, but has anyone read it? if you have, let me know: should i buy it, or what?


ZarinahC said...

My library has it- definitely not a favorite of mine. Plays into stereotypes about black people being strippers or drug dealers. In all honesty, I did not read it all so please consider this when you read my comment. I'd definitely suggest borrowing it if you can.

samax said...


one of the reviews i read (while complimentary) suggested that all the characters were predictable. that's part of why i wanted to put the feelers out. i'll keep my eyes open... my local library doesn't have it, but i may be able to cop it some other way (or get it cheap at a used book store).

Corance said...

Not to worry. I will give you mine!

It is predictable, and the art is kinda ruff, but he shows raw talent. The characters are stereotypical, but as I read on, I found myself recognizing some of them, so it wasn't all that bad. I bought it for 99 cents on amazone, plus $4 shipping, so I wasn't too mad about it.

I recommend not buying it, since, like I said, you can get a free copy from your boy. Not because it's bad(it's fair to midland), but because I enjoy giving away my comics.

samax said...

yeah, i'm the same way. especially if i think i can turn someone on to comics (or back on to the medium after giving up on it)

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