A comic you Probably Didn't Buy (but SHOULD have!)

that dude Arvid Nelson (Rex Mundi) has written one the best Mini-series that you never heard of in Dark Horse's post-apocalyptic sleeper Zero Killer. don't feel bad if you slept on Zero Killer. you're not alone... but let me school you!
Zero Killer stars Zero, a trash man (bounty hunter) in a New York City that is flooded by water as well as warring gangs. Zero is approached by agents of the world's last remaining superpower (Africa) to retrieve a mysterious briefcase from the one place he doesn't wanna go. this book has great atmosphere and complex characters that you need in a good comic. i had trouble tracking down issues, so i'm really looking forward to buying the trade (come WIT' it, Dark Horse!). anyways, click the pic for a character-centric preview of issue #6 (which is in stores now) and then feel free to read a SWEET interview of series writer Arvid Nelson over on CBR.


Anonymous said...

The best comic of the year. Arvid Nelson is my favorite comic writer. Rex Mundi and Kull are just a few more of his master pieces.

samax said...

Arvid? is that you? LOL!
yeah, i really like this book... can't wait till they collect it in TPB...

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