Brand new Champ on the Way

My new book Spontaneous: 2009 (due out in time for Indy Comicbook Week in December) will have a short Champion of Children story (about 8 pages) in it designed to explain in a very simple and hopefully entertaining fashion what Champ is all about. we always worked very hard to make it a book that both adults and kids could read and enjoy, so i decided to include it in Spontaneous (which is NOT an all-ages book by any means!). if all goes according to plan (or even halfway according to plan) i will reprint the story as part of a Champ-centric book for the kids in 2010. so hopefully adults who cop my book will also be tempted to give Champion of Children a try. so, i said all that to say, here's a quick portrait of our star that i did before diving into the pages. hope ya'll like it!
stay tuned...


Robert Trujillo said...

Looks fresh dude, good color combo!

samax said...

thank you sir,
stay tuned!

Cal Slayton said...

Everyone should check out Champion of Children, good stuff.

ofloda said...

hell yeah! She's looks dope. Not to be messed with. Going to put this on my Christmas list. ^-^

Corance said...

Man, the colors on that are fantastic! I've noticed that you've always had a simple, yet extremely effective use of color. Never overdone, but always hits you right in the amygdala(sp?).

samax said...

(ouch!) thanks guys! glad ya'll are feeling it... stay tuned!

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