Mathematics: RZA+Colbert= HELLYEAH!

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That dude the RZA from the Wu-tang Clan dropped this book The Tao of Wu today as "a unique book of wisdom and experience that reaches from the most violent slums of New York City to the highest planes of spiritual thought by the RZA, hip-hop's most exalted wise man." The book is built around major moments in the RZA's life when he was faced with a dramatic turning point, either bad (a potential prison sentence) or good (a record deal that could pull his family out of poverty), and the lessons he took from each experience. peep the video for his hilarious promo appearance on The Colbert Report.


Cal Slayton said...

Is it possible that I'm in the Wu Tang Clan and don't even know it?


Corance said...

That was awesome! Maybe that one guy from CNN should have interviewed RZA instead of Nas.

samax said...

bong, bong.

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