deviation # 89 (Black Women in the Future)

Niobe by Bielegraphics
one of the things i liked about the Matrix universe is the presence and prominence of black people in the future (hell, Cornell West sat on their high council). also, it seems like they have gotten better at women achieving positions of power too. anyways, here's a portrait of Jada Pinkett Smith's character, Niobe (Captain of the Logos and all-around badass). i dunno what kind of success the Warchowskis had with their comics, but i hope they do more Matrix comics... anyways this is my Deviation of the Day, by
Bielegraphics. dude's mustard... you should check him out if you get the chance!


ZarinahC said...

I liked the Matrix comics too. I wish they would've not brought out Matrix II & III and stuck with the graphic novels and Animatrix. Much more depth.

But as for black women in the future in comics, I haven't found any character to top Martha Washington.

samax said...

i agree 100%

the sequels come off as haphazard compared to the polish of the original. lots of money and effort spent on effects, but the story itself was sloppy.

i'm a big champion of the comicbook or novel adaptation as a favorable alternative to the sequel. cheaper, and ususally more satisfying.
hopefully, they'll do more comics. it worked for Star Wars...

bigkuntree said...

Love this...also helps that she has big....guns!! LOL!!

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