Jive Turkeys Need Not Apply...

even though i'm mad busy right now, i will not risk getting my African-American Bloggers Union Card* revoked by neglecting to inform you that Black Dynamite debuts next week, although i'm sure you already know. there's no point going into the details of the story, since you really just wanna see Michael Jai White slap people and cuss a lot, which goes without saying. the trailer's here if you need your Blaxploitation fix, or man up and wait for the opening on October 16th.
*there is, to my knowledge, no such thing as the African American Bloggers Union... so don't ask.


Arkonbey said...

Man, they hit all the right notes from the dialog ("I am smiling") to the cinematography (The color, those needless zooms!). It goes to show, if you really want to mock something, play it straight.

Though I wonder, he asked semi-seriously, as a white guy, should I feel weird about it making me laugh?

bigkuntree said...


RodBuddah said...

Don't forget to mention the Black Dynamite cartoon coming soon to Adult Swim! PLANET GRIFFIN Represents for the GHETTOMANGA NEWS STAFF!

Good looking Samax, I'll be there on opening night guaranteed!

B_Steelo said...

Man I want that poster

samax said...

ROD- "Black Dynamite cartoon on Adult Swim" = best six words ever!

ARKONBEY- laugh all you want, it's funny. just be very careful when playing 'name that movie' in public...

STEELO- that poster IS dope, huh?

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