CWR interviews Cormega, Ish from Shabazz Palaces, Bob Power and more, plus tons of brand new HIP HOP music!

While I was zipping around Dallas traffic Friday, I was rocking out to the Conspiracy Worldwide Radio podcast, wherein the homies Montana and Menace provided me with TONS of new hip hop music from the US and the UK, plus interviews with Cormega, Ishmael Butler from Shabazz Palaces (aka Butterfly from Digable Planets), Watson and Holmes (Stu Bangas and Blacastan, not the award-winning indie comic), and more. Five hours of uncut dope from across the pond...

Part one

Part two
Dope. After an extended break, Montana and Menace do it again! That Cormega interview will make a Cormega fan out of you, even if you never heard of him before!

Apparently, Montana and Menace have been getting feedback about the interviews being too long, so they wanted to be sure to play lots of new music. There was just TONS of new joints in there, but I'm glad they didn't skimp on the interviews. That Bob Power interview was great listening while I was on the road. Dude worked with all kinds of legends, from De La Soul, to Dilla, to the Roots. Montana and Menace rib him a little about working on Shaq's first record (which I bought, so there) for good measure.

They Come In Gold by Shabazz Palaces

Besides the education in hardcore UK hip hop I get from this show, I learn a ton about American shit as well. The Shabazz Palaces interview was priceless, and I was not familiar with Blacastan and Stu Bangas, so it was dope to hear a few joints off that Watson & Holmes record.

I had no idea Jeru the Damaja had a new EP out, but yeah, I heard that single The Hammer off Jeru's new joint of the same name. So there you go.

Anyways, My main point is Conspiracy Worldwide Radio continues to be my favorite hip hop podcast. This was another winner!

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