#downloadThis- Pragmatic Theory presents "Forces Within the Framework" and "#MASSACR"

Instead of going to sleep after work like a sensible dude, I checked my messages and shared a couple choice joints on the GhettoManga Facebook wall. The first person to like it was an emcee named SLiM PiCKENS, who had the cover of Pragmatic Theory's album #MASSACR for his profile pic (maybe the dopest record cover I have seen all year). So scrolling through his pics revealed the above cover for Forces Within the Framework, and I could no longer resist the pull of their bandcamp page...

Here's the sales pitch:
'Forces within the Framework' kicks off as the first album on Pragmatic Theory for 2014 in which we were blessed to have beat maker/artist Sir Froderick provide our cover art. We continue to be humbled by the mcs, beatmakers involved in our projects.  
Forces Within The Framework features : Nardo Says, Shuffle Jack, Stik Figa, The Doppelgangaz, Jondis, Keor Meteor, Melanin 9, TASK1ne, Munoz, The Benchwarmers Clique, Jewbei, SLiM PiCKENS, Josef Blo, Essa, Supreme Sol, Robot Orchestra, Notorious Bastards, Artonious, Phlo Deli, Funky Notes, Cor Stidak, Skratch Zilla, Broke, Chel, Es-K, Akira Atani, Mike ElAngelo, RaSun, Blap Deli, The Paramedics, Brock Berrigan, Gigio, DJ Sapien, W.O.L.M, Nextwon, Wood Ox & Keith Price.

This release is completely free. We hope you listen, download & enjoy.


Nardo Says - soundcloud.com/nardosays
Shuffle Jack - soundcloud.com/shufflejack

Stik Figa - www.facebook.com/StikFiga

The Doppelgangaz - www.thedoppelgangaz.com

Jondis - soundcloud.com/jondis
Keor Meteor - soundcloud.com/keor-meteor-beats

Melanin 9 - www.melanin9.com

TASK1ne - soundcloud.com/1nation916
Munoz - soundcloud.com/munoz

The Benchwarmers Clique - benchclique.com
Jewbei - soundcloud.com/jewbei

SLiM PiCKENS - soundcloud.com/slimpickens7
Josef Blo - soundcloud.com/josefblo

Essa - www.e-s-s-a.com

Supreme Sol - soundcloud.com/supreme-sol
Robot Orchestra - soundcloud.com/robotorchestra

Odell Lancaster - soundcloud.com/azure_gyver
Fletch - soundcloud.com/fletchbeats
Artonious - soundcloud.com/artonius-tsetsuna

Phlo Deli - soundcloud.com/phlodelimusic
Funky Notes - soundcloud.com/funkynotes

Cor Stidak - soundcloud.com/cor-3
Skratch Zilla - soundcloud.com/skratch-zilla

Broke - soundcloud.com/murdercassette

Chel - chelstrong.com
Es-K - beatsbyesk.com#1b5/soundcloud

Akira Atani - soundcloud.com/akira-katani
Mike ElAngelo - nonimrodnation.bandcamp.com

RaSun - soundcloud.com/rasun
Blap Deli - soundcloud.com/bl-pd-li

The Paramedics - soundcloud.com/theparamedics
Brock Berrigan - soundcloud.com/brockberrigan

Gigio - soundcloud.com/ggoraps
DJ Sapien - soundcloud.com/djsapien

W.O.L.M - soundcloud.com/wolm-shamir
Psuedo Slang - www.pseudo-slang.com
Nextwon - soundcloud.com/nextwon

Wood Ox - soundcloud.com/woodox
Keith Price - keithprice1.bandcamp.com

The sales pitch

#MASSACR (MCs Against Soft Sucker Ass Corny Rappers) is a collaborative collective that came together sometime in the mid-end of 2013. Hip Hop is the driving force of this collective, which hails from all over the globe. Comprised of DJs, Producers, and MCs, they vow to massacre(#MASSACR) the mainstream's depiction of Hip Hop culture.
They have featured on each others projects in the past years, now they bring their 1st offering as 1. #MASSACR, self titled project is an introduction into the abilities of this powerful collective. Raw, real, bars, pain, and joy a few words to describe what they bring as a unit to the music, the culture of Hip Hop. With production from the West Coast, East Coast, Mid West, and South East your head should be in constant bop motion. ENJOY!!!

#MASSACR Links :
Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/massacr-1
Facebook - www.facebook.com/groups/MASSACR/

Special Thanks To :
Chris Lloyd www.bandvamp.com for album artwork

Yeah. So there's a few things I want you to take away from this post if you got down this far:
  1. Album cover artwork matters. I would not have peeped this if Pragmatic Theory had not opted to adorn their records with fresh as fuh artwork instead of pictures of dudes posing or something. And I'm not just saying that because I draw album covers for money.
  2. Hip Hop is Healthy- Whatever you think of the rappers on teevee and corporate radio, there are like 700 million emcees I never heard of on these two records. Even if you are pickier than me, you will probably find a couple of dudes on here that you like if you try. The underground remains fertile. So stop all that bloodclot cryin' and go support some dope hip hop.
  3. Musicians: Being social for its own sake helps! There is a [very] good chance that if Pragmatic Theory had bombarded me with emails they might never have ever been opened. I'm busy, son! But Slim innocently liked a post on the GM Facebook page, and it led to me listening to music for hours. Be nice online, that's all I'm saying.
Okay, I'll stop yapping for now. In case you need me to say so, you should click here to check out more dope music from Pragmatic Theory. Your comments are always welcome here and on all the GhettoManga social media machines, so if you got words for me, handle that.

Samax Amen draws people, places and things for fun and profit. He is the artist of many great comics you never heard of like Herman Heed, Champion of Children, The Brother and The World As You Know It. He even writes and draws his own comics, like Dare: The Adventures of Darius Davidson, Spontaneous, and Manchild when he gets around to it. Because making comics is hard and stuff, he started GhettoManga as a blog in 2006 and as a print magazine in 2008. 
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Iron Helmet said...

Much Respect Samax!!! Truly appreciate the love and support!!!

samax amen said...

No problem. I'm a nerd about my
hip hop. I appreciate the work y'all put into your craft!

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