FELIPE SMITH takes over art chores on ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER!!!

When Marvel announced that one of my favorite indy cartoonists - namely international man of mystery Felipe Smith (MBQ,Peepo Choo)- was writing  their ALL- NEW GHOST RIDER relaunch, I was of two minds. I mean, yeah he was gonna have dope art provided by that dude Tradd Moore of Luther Strodefame, but how dope would it be if Felipe was drawing Marvel's flaming anti-hero?
Well, now we can see how dope it would be...
Here's the sales pitch:

• Having tamed satanic serial killer ELI MORROW’S Spirit, ROBBIE REYES boldly enforces justice on the streets of LA…but can’t seem to keep things in order at home.
• Little brother GABE’S medical condition is improving by leaps and bounds but something’s causing his relationship with Robbie to deteriorate just as quickly.
• As ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER’S powers continue to evolve, Robbie finds out a shocking truth about his long lost parents.

Joy, sweet joy... I can't think of a comic to go through three artists in eleven issues and I LOVE ALL THREE ARTISTS! I don't know what the deal is, but every time I see Felipe draw a comic I get excited. As much as I love Tradd and Damion Scott, I really want to read Felipe drawing the comics he writes. Maybe he can write multiple books and draw at least one of them.
Anyways, I gotta go draw stuff for money or something.
ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #11 arrives in shops February 11th. 
If you been sleeping on A-N GR, do yourself a solid and CLICK HERE to cop All-New Ghost Rider Volume 1: Engines of Vengeance, which collects issues 1-5 by Smith and Moore.
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