Prince Paul talks greatest misses, and Young Zee responds to Eminem on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio podcast!

Them dudes Montana and Menace dropped a new episode of Conspiracy Radio, recorded on Friday the 13th. This features some great new music, as well as interviews with Necro, Young Zee and an incredible Q & A with the mighty Prince Paul! Paul talks about coming out of the bleachers to release new music with J-Zone and Sacha Jenkins as SUPERBLACK...
The first part introduced me to UK rap quartet the Four Owls. These dudes are incredible! One of the things I really love about listening to Conspiracy Radio is being put onto new music! So now I fux with the Four Owls.

Part one also features an interview with hardcore vet Necro. I am not a huge fan of Necro, but I'm pretty sure I'm a fan of songs he made beats for. This is a great interview to get into for his angle on making beats. He will surprise you with how deep he goes in making a beat. Dude is a real artist, and hearing this interview makes me want to look into his music more.

Part two features great interviews with Young Zee of the Outsidaz. Zee doesn't shy away from controversy, discussing microbeef with Eminem, shout outs from 50 Cent, and crying on the internet. More importantly, there is a very nice interview with the venerable Prince Paul. He talks about collabos he almost did, his new group Superblack, Paul Barman, and more. Great stuff.

Download (or stream) the show, listen to it and discuss it with me on Twitter, Facebook or something!
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Philo Stein said...

This sounds so DOPE! I'm always looking for podcasts to listen to throughout the day (hip-hop especially), Is this a podcast? Even if, GOTS to find out what the Prince is up to so thanks for providing the link and Headsup!

samax amen said...

yeah, I HIGHLY recommend the Concpiracy worldwide podcast!

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