Any of you folks reading "Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess"? Because it looks DOPE!

 Just realized it's been way too long since I mentioned PRINCELESS, which follows the further adventures of self-rescuing princess Adriene and friends. Here's a preview from Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess #2...

Here's the sales pitch:
Bedelia and Adrienne have a new teammate in Raven, The Pirate Princess. She’s tough, smart, fun-loving and she’s on an epic quest for revenge. When her quest clashes with Adrienne’s, sparks will fly and only one princess can come out on top!

 See? That's why I don't fool with pirates! Anyways, PRINCELESS is always a ton of fun! Series writer-creator Jeremy Whitley has already created a great cast for Princeless, and Raven looks like a great addition! This is my first time seeing Rosy Higgins' art, and I am impressed with what I see so far!
Speaking of art, here's a fresh Raven variant cover that my dude Mike Hawthorne shared online today. With all the controversy about female characters on comic covers (and in comics in general), I would say Mike has got the right idea. Not just in this particular piece, but in his body of work. Mike knows how to draw women that are really (really!) hot, but that don't cross the line in ways that make women cringe. As the female readership (and men's sensitivity to women's point of view) grows, this is a combination of skills that comics artists fail to develop at their own peril.  So be advised fellow artists...
As a comic that was way ahead of the curve on diversity from many angles, Princeless is perfectly poised to be an indie powerhouse going forward. I don't think this book has really found it's audience yet, so there will continue to be lots of room to grow if Whitley and company can hang in there with it. Check out the Action Lab Entertainment Facebook page for news and previews of Princeless and there stable of titles.

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Chazz Sweet said...

Super dope coloring here Samax! Thanks for the drop.

samax amen said...

No problem, Chazz! We all need to stay up on "Princeless"!Thanks for dropping by!

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