In honor of #NationalHotdogDay

I had no idea there was such a thing as National Hotdog Day, but it doesn't surprise me that there is, and July 23rd is the Day in question. In observance of the day, I'm bumping the title track of Playdough's hella tight album Hotdoggin' right now.  Up top is the design I did for the limited edition tee Playdough hooked up for the first 100 lucky sons' a guns to preorder the album. Maybe I'll wear mine today... 
I drew this one a while after that. I bumped Hotdoggin' in the car almost exclusively for about a solid year after that, much to my wife's dismay. My three-year-old daughter Marley actually asks for it by name. Yep, the way your kid sweats bullets over Barney and Yo Gabba Gabba, mine rocks out to Playdough. Luckily for me, Playdough ain't on that Sanduski isht, seen?

So yeah... Fans with really keen eyesight may have noticed that I worked this drawing into the interior gatefold artwork for Group Therapy, by Playdough's fellow Deepspace Five member Sivion. Playdough's hotdog-suited hero features prominently on the front and back covers of that album as well. 

Finally, the Hotdog suit returned on some Dark Knight isht for Playdough's collab with Heath McNease on their WuTang tribute Wed, White and Wu that I also did cover, insert, and teeshirt art for.
COLLECT 'EM ALL (hint: there are only these two)

Yes. I am a huge Playdough fan. Yes. I fux with that Hotdog suit. "It's all parts, all heart and soul" ya dig? In fact, I actually wrote an outline for a short comic starring Playdough in the hotdog suit that I would love to draw, but I don't have time.  Maybe I should do a Kickstarter or something? Would you support that?
Anyways, enjoy a hotdog today, whether beef, pork, chicken, veggie, or some combination thereof!

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