Venomous2000 made a video to my favorite song of the year!

That dude Venomous2000 blessed me yesterday with his new video for The Great Escape, my favorite song off Will To Power, the album he released earlier in the year. Check it out below.

I ran across Venomous' youTube channel earlier this week and was disappointed to find he had not made The Great Escape into a single. So I smiled as I watched this.  As I have said before, the hardest thing about writing my album review of Will to Power was getting past The Great Escape, which remains my favorite song of 2015 so far. For the video, Venomous gives us a simple Man running from Self narrative, powered by some clever video editing. I'm glad he decided to drop this single on YouTube, and I hope many people get to hear it, since it really feels like a hit single that would serve as a great ambassador for the album. Speaking of which, he actually posted Will To Power in its entirety on YouTube as well. Probably so when he rolls around on tour, crowds will be full of people who know the words.

It really is a nice record, full of heart, leadership, soul, and rhymes galore. CLICK HERE if you wanna read my review of the album.

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