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Now that I'm officially unemployed again, I need some good music while I do some freelance work, and found this playlist of Poor Righteous Teachers' sophomore album Pure Poverty. I bought this one after being blown away by their debut record Holy Intellect.

This album came out in the summer of 1991, in the wake of my high school graduation. The general zeitgeist of my late teens found hip hop saturated with pro-black voices shouting out manifestos over booming breaks and samples. I am the man I am (for better or worse) because of the spirit of this era, a spirit  exemplified by the counter-cultural genius of Poor Righteous Teachers.

Pure Poverty is just as good as Holy Intellect, but it didn't sell as well.  Hip Hop as a culture is always infatuated with what's new and what's next, so longevity is tough. Like a lot of my favorite crews, PRT never really crossed over, so only an insider's history of hip hop would give them more than a passing mention. But I'm a real hip hopper, more concerned with cultural contribution than sales records, so I remember PRT as the giants they are.

Anyways, I gotta draw.

Samax Amen is a professional illustrator and cartoonist, but even YOU can afford to hire him to draw your characters. Trust me, it'll be DOPE!
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