#nowPlaying "Toonami Tsunamis" by Noveliss of @ClearSoulForces #DETROIT #HipHop #nerdcore

When cats in their thirties and forties complain about how much "rappers today" suck, I tell them to stop listening to the radio, turn off their teevee, and put their ear to the street.   I haven't really been writing about music like I used to (my bad), but we are correcting that shit in 2016. But why wait? I just ran across this ode to Cartoon Network's anime block by Detroit spitter Novellis, of the mighty Clear Soul Forces crew.

My dude Khalid (aka BigSteelo) put me on to Clear Soul Forces some time ago, so I can assure you this is the merest of scratches upon the proverbial surface. This dude is rapping ass negro in the tradition of the true masters. Slap your mouth if you say this generation is not generating real emcees. Anybody believing that is in need of an intervention.

I believe the best way to learn about hiphop is by socializing. So tell me what'chu listening to in the comments. Spread good hiphop around!
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