John Shaft is sick of that bullshit money...

As a freelancer I can tell you... Nothing is worse than being known for providing excellent work in a kind of gig you hate doing.  Feeling stuck earning bullshit money.  David Walker and Dietrich Smith evoke the struggle in Shaft: Imitation of Life #2...

Here's the sales pitch:

Having grown tired of dangerous cases that lead to violence, private detective John Shaft decides it's time to earn some easy money. His first job? Working as a consultant on a film about a black private dick. Award-winning author David F. Walker (Cyborg, Power Man & Iron Fist) proudly delivers the second chapter, entitled “Easy Money”, of the hard-hittin’, tough-talkin’ John Shaft’s latest case!

David Walker probably paid plenty of bills with bullshit money before they started paying him to write comics, and he ain't forgot how it feels. David Walker has been one of my favorite writers for a minute, which makes me feel like some kind of fucking genius now that he's beating up writing chores on so many mainstream books.  But enough about me... David is brilliant at bringing authenticity to characters that have too often felt like chocolate-dipped stereotypes, and he's been going extra hard on the Dynamite's Shaft comics. I'm looking forward to seeing that continue in this series.

Shaft: Imitation of Life #2 arrives in stores March 9th.

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