Recently discovered the video for the @SeanPrice single "Haraam"...

Y'all already know I fux with RUCK, aka the late great Sean Price, right? Right.  So, I ran across Haraam on a mixtape promoting his album Mic Tyson a few years ago, but I had no idea there was a video for it until YouTube rolled into it while I was writing that post about King Kong...  Now this shit is in heavy rotation at Starbucks the GhettoManga office! 
See, that's why you need to learn algebra! Cause otherwise how could you grow up, get a job at YouTube, and program the algorithm that decides to play the Haraam video to me four years after the fact?
The system fucking worked, yo!  Stay in school, kids! You get your money, I get frequent reminders about dope raps. Everybody wins!

Anyways... that's all I got to say, right now. CLICK HERE for more posts about the mighty Sean Price.

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