"Superman's a lie, cause Superman don't give a superfuck when black kids die..." @DavidBanner

I think David Banner is my favorite rapper right now...

The Before the Box Mixtape is a teaser for Banner's upcoming album The God Box, which is scheduled to drop May 13th.

Banner is abrasive, intelligent, and not afraid to be painted as a villain. Banner started out as a superthug nightmare, and to many, he is just as menacing as a proponent of black empowerment ideology.  But that's what I like about him.  He's convinced that he stands for justice for his people, and gives no fucks if you don't want to hear the inconvenient truth. He's Tupac. He's Bob Marley. He's Rhymefest's Angry Black Man on an Elevator, with rage to spare for white supremacists, problematic liberals, and trifling ass negroes alike.

Righteous black god hoppers are not in short supply, but it's a movement without clear leadership or direction.  With projects like Walking with Gods and The God Box, Banner is claiming his place at the head of the table. I love it!

Do I agree with everything he says? Nah.  But I agree with a lot of it, and can't wait to hear more of it. If you dug this mixtape as much as I did, you can CLICK HERE to preorder The God Box right now.

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