"Riddick" and more drawings by birthday boy, Tony Delane Morris! (((airhorn)))

Riddick by Tony Delane Morris
Just wanted to wish a quick happy 50th birthday to Dallas area cartoonist and caricaturist Tony Delane Morris.  No better way to do that than by sharing some of his incredible, fun-filled drawings. So for starters, peep this fresh drawing of Vin Diesel as everyone's favorite unstoppable antihero, Riddick. Dope, right? More below... 
NOTE: I added the titles, cuz that's how the eff I roll.
How Bout Dem Boys by Tony Delane Morris

Some Dudes by Tony Delane Morris

Caricatures by Tony Delane Morris

Satchmo by Tony Delane Morris

p i g s . . . by Tony Delane Morris

Untitled by Tony Delane Morris

Colombo 'Nem by Tony Delane Morris

Dope, right? Yeah... I thought so too.  Anyways, if you're reading this Tony, have a great birthday, and keep up the great work!  And if any of you guys reading this are friends with Tony on Facebook, go share some birthday pleasantries with him.  And tell him you saw his work on GhettoManga!

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