That damn @DanLish1... ain't Nuthin' ta f*!k wit...

As an illustrator learning to better myself through positive thinking, I've learned not to compare my work to that of other artists.  For example, I NEVER EVER measure myself against the brilliance produced by dudes like Brighton-based drawing machine Dan Lish.  'Cause THAT mofo can draw his ASS off...

Breaksploition Block Party


James Brown

 You don't have to know who Mr Lif and Selina Carrera are to think this shit goes extra hard. But I do, so it helps.
De La Soul piece from Lish's sketchbook

Cold Crush Brothers



Enter the Wu-Tang



A.F.R.O. (All Flows Reach Out)


Kool DJ Red Alert!

 R.I.P. to the mighty Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest.  I haven't really talked about it at all, lest I slide into depression (ain't nobody got time for that shit), but yo, Phife's death hit me pretty hard.  I been avoiding all the tribute articles and mixtapes like the plague. 


What was I talkin' bout? OH YES!
Dan Lish is a fuckin' problem.  Somebody's gotta do something about that guy...  I mean, just look at this Public Enemy print...


Since you must have felt some of these joints (and I only scratched the surface in this post), click here to order a limited edition print or two.  Meanwhile, I will NOT quit drawing and open a shoe-shine stand!  Dan Lish being awesome does not mean I'm not awesome too, in my own special way, just like Mom always said!

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