"I love science fiction, hip-hop & sports. This project has all three in huge quantities." -@KharyRandolph

 We've been following Khary Randolph's career for a minute, and it looks like 2016 marks a serious level up year for this gifted comicbook artist.  Randolph is co-creating and drawing an ongoing Marvel series MOSAIC, a spinoff of Uncanny Inhumans, that's dropping this fall.

Mosaic stars Morris "Moss" Sackett, a professional b-ball player and selfish a-hole whose world is upended when he discovers that he is an Inhuman.  Before you ask, Inhumans are people with latent superhuman powers that are only awakened by exposure to the Terrigen Mist.  Exposure to the Mists turns the body-conscious athlete into a being of pure energy who must possess the bodies of others to survive.
Mosaic is co-created and written by accomplished screenwriter, novelist and comic book scribe Geoffrey Thorne, who relishes the opportunity to explore a person of color who is neither hero nor villain.
"Minority" characters are generally not allowed to have this nuance. Because they are relatively few, when they appear they have to be paragons of good or face some sort of social backlash. Morris is, frankly, more complex than that. His complexity is what makes him unique. To me, at any rate. I'm very pleased Marvel is letting me make Morris the fully rounded person that he needs to be for the story to work.
It's great to see Marvel recognizing a talent like Khary with an opportunity like this, to co-create a brand new character with the potential to appear in comics, cartoons, television, and movies. Khary's fans should support this while they can.  If my experience teaches me anything, it is that he will be on this book just long enough to get it off the ground (in which case he will be lured to a higher profile book, drawing a tentpole character like Storm or Spider-man), or to complete a rushed close-out if it sells poorly and gets canceled.  Either way, this is a good look for Khary, who deserves to be a big star.  Hopefully it does well enough to help elevate Thorne's name as a writer too.  
Mosaic #1 is scheduled to arrive in stores in October.  CLICK  HERE to read this interview of Thorne and Randolph by Abraham Reisman on Vulture.

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