#WednesdayWebComic of the Week-- THE IMMORTAL NADIA GREENE by Jamal @_pryce14 Campbell

 Holy CRAP! Our friends at SuperheroesInColour dropped a tweet yesterday linking to this webcomic that blew my mind: The Immortal Nadia Greene by Jamal CampbellNadia... Nah.  I ain't even gonna tell you.  Peep...

Wait?!  Did that kid just smack the shit out of the Grim Reaper?
Can you do that?  That is some serious Elmer Fudd "I never studied Law so the Law of Gravity don't apply to me" type shit! 

Also: Where the fuck did she get a bat?!?

Also:  Where has this comic been all my life?!?
I'll stay away from spoilers other than to say Nadia doesn't stay five years old.  Also to point out that Jamal Campbellcan draw his fuckin' ass off.   So CLICK HERE to go read more Immortal Nadia Greene before Mark Millar hires him to draw Hit-Girl decapitating rapists over and over or something.  

Cause this kid is not gonna be in  the indy trenches for long.

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