The upcoming Genndy Tartakovsky comic CAGE points to serious opportunity for MARVEL

 Y'all already know we love Blaxploitation era Marvel super hero LUKE CAGE (we did a tribute issue of the magazine dedicated to him after all...).  We also fux with visionary animation heavyweight Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Dexter's Laboratory).  So rocking with this new miniseries CAGE is a no-brainer...

 Interestingly enough, more than generate any kind of excitement about CAGE as an action comedy comic book (Let's face it, Walker and Greene got that covered on Cage and Fist), what this preview really does  is get me fired up at the prospect of a Hero for Hire cartoon show with Genndy Tartakovsky at the helm.
I mean, what is Luke Cage anyway? He's Marvel's cooler-than-cool super-tough black dude!  In particular, the tiara-and-chain-belt (black)Power Man is emblematic of an era of white dudes creating black superheroes to react to/comment on the black power movement of mid-twentieth century.  
After decades of struggling to get a modern, post-blaxploitation version of Luke Cage to work, Marvel seems to have captured fans with the "grown-and-sexy" Luke Cage we see in Walker and Greene's book and the heavily-anticipated Netflix show starring Mike Colter. Not only is Cage hot, but Marvel is tripping over itself adding more color to its comics, including raising the profile of Black Panther, Spectrum and Sam Wilson (Falcon, Captain America).  In this climate where the assorted entertainment industries (not to mention real-world America) are looking forward to a more diverse and inclusive future, I think it would be perfect to at the same time launch a cartoon show that subtly ribs the cultural shortcomings of the past.  No character is more appropriate for this than Cage.  Let's imagine for a second how sick a cartoon show like that would be. Let's say Tartakovsky is directing it, with David Walker or Aaron Magruder running the writer's room.  Because we live in continuity-enabled world, you get a supporting cast that includes Iron Fist and Misty Knight, and guest appearances from characters like Falcon, Black Panther and other black superheroes, talking shit about seventies versions of Captain America or Spidey.  This would be Marvel's perfect chance to do a seemingly nostalgic-but-critical story that is informed by modern consciousness, a balancing trick mastered by the late Darwyn Cooke on numerous projects for DC.  We know America is willing to reward smart culture-challenging all-ages content from the success of projects like Zootopia and Finding Dory.

Am I bugging here, or does that not sound like a gold mine?

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Anonymous said...


- just like Cloak the druggie that talks weird killer, being civilized by blonde, blue-eyed Barbie aka Dagger
- just like Roberto DaCosta aka Sunspot, the dark skinned Brazilian angry violent guy being civilized by blonde, blue-eyed Illyana Rasputin aka Magik
- just like Roberto DaCosta aka Sunspot, the dark skinned Brazilian angry violent guy being civilized by blonde, blue-eyed Gideon
- just like Bishop, the dark skinned African angry violent guy being civilized by Professor X aka white skinhead
- just like Hollywood Johnny Storm aka Human Torch movie version, the dark skinned angry violent guy being civilized by blonde, blue-eyed Susan Richards aka Invisible Girl
- just like Ororo Munoe aka Storm, the dark skinned African theif being civilized by Professor X aka white skinhead
- just like Maggot, the dark skinned African pimp womanizer guy being civilized by Professor X aka white skinhead

*** "if you go so much cheese, where are the black distributors?" - Jeru da Damaja

samax amen said...

You know, you don't have to post anonymously. No one on this blog is gonna be mad at you for this point of view. Hell, I have read more than one book on the subject. Feel free to elaborate, and to attach your name to your comment if you like.

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