Funk Doc makes an appearance in "MENTHU: The Anger of Angels" plus your man Pythagoras got a comic coming out too!

 This post is guaranteed to move you fam!  I got updates for you courtesy of the Operative Network from their Egyptian demigod superhero webcomic Menthu, which features a cameo by New Jersey's favorite son, Redman... sorta.  Also, do the knowledge with that dude Pythagoras in Irrational Numbers...
The sales pitch for Menthu: The Anger of Angels.
The son of an ancient Egyptian war god and a mortal woman, Rahsaan N'shanga embraces his part-time job as the super hero Menthu as much as he does his full-time job as a player on Los Angeles' professional football team, the Archangels.
Some parties might be happier if the idea of ancient Egyptian gods stayed in the museum. That leads to an unholy pact to make sure the demigod Menthu becomes history.

Because this is GhettoManga, here's Rated R and Time 4 Sum Aksion, off Red's 1992 debut, Whut? Thee Album 

I'm sorry...  What was I talking about?
OH YES!  I remember getting some Menthu comics YEARSSSSSs s s ago, so I'm glad to see that dude Robert Roach is still at it.  That cover by Quinn McGowan (Project: Wildfire) doesn't suck either.  I don't remember if Hannibal Tabu (Aspen Sourcebooks, The Buy Pile at CBR) was the original writer, but Hannibal is on fire these days, so Menthu is in good hands.  Speaking of Tabu, this preview below is from Irrational Numbers, a book he's working on.

Pythagoras is one of the greatest names in Greek history, an icon in philosophy and mathematics. In his thirties, he took on an apprentice, a former Dacian slave named Zalmoxis, and together they traveled the ancient world, looking for answers to questions unknown. Unfortunate for the world, this led them to questions that would shed blood on multiple continents.
Written by Hannibal Tabu (2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt winner, Aspen Universe Sourcebooks, The Buy Pile at Comic Book Resources), Irrational Numbers: Addition is a 52-page alternative history supernatural adventure, a landscape format book with art by Giancarlo Caracuzzo (Batman ‘66, World War Mob, Avengers vs. Atlas), colors by Flavia Caracuzzo, letters by Josephine Roberts with Nate Wunderman providing the original concept, editing and publishing.

I couldn't find a link to the book, but I decided to share it with you guys anyways, because I'm a nerd like that.  So I recommend jumping on that Operative Network email list if you're fired up for this book.  Otherwise, stay tuned and I'll put you on when I know more. Also, don't forget to CLICK HERE to peep the Menthu webcomic!

Have great day!

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