"No longer picking cotton. Niggas stitching cotton. And I sell that shit dirt cheap to Sam Walton..." @Griffen

Chicago rhyme animal Griffen goes in on your prison industrial complex in this video for Economik Splendor...

Griffen is one of the most promising rappers I have stumbled upon in recent years.  He utilizes metaphors well in his rhymes, giving you just enough information to lead you where he wants you to go, then keeps your mind bubbling long after he's gone.  The concept for the Economic Splendor video enhances the emcee's personification for the cradle to prison pipeline culture, slapping age-appropriate childhood activities out of kids' hands, replacing their innocence and potential with the assorted brands of addictive fuckery that feed modern-day slavery.   The conscious intent of prison for profit culture makes the problem nearly intractable, but as my dude Bavu would say "the system's invincible, but anything's possible" so it's important that we keep shining light on it.
Anyways, Griffen is the sheet.  CLICK HERE to fuck with Griffen on Bandcamp.

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