A few words about master cartoonist Kyle Baker

Hey, fam... I just watched this hilarious 'toon Bleth Thith Meth, by the mighty Kyle Baker on vimeo, and it got me thinking...

TNH: Bleth Thith Meth from Kyle Baker on Vimeo.

This came out about a month ago, but I'm just now seeing it.  Kyle Baker is one of those cartoonists who has done so many different things in so many genres that it is hard to explain him, other than to say that he is a phenomenal, fearless artist. 
Baker has mastered just about every kind of cartooning, from one-panel editorial strips, to political cartoons, to comic books.  He can do slapstick humor, smart satire, and grim historical realism.  He is both bold and brutal in his satirical work.

Baker is best known in the circles I run in for his collaboration with Robert Morales on TRUTH: Red, White, and Black, the Tuskeegee Experiment-inspired story of African American men involuntarily subjected to the U.S. War Department's "Super Soldier" project that lead to the creation of Captain America.  Again, just in the medium of comics, Baker's work is both diverse and abundant.  My bookshelf is swollen with Kyle Baker graphic novels, including Birth of a Nation, King David, Special Forces, and his masterful biography Nat Turner

Whether working in comics, in animation, for a corporation, collaboratively, or independently, Kyle Baker's work is always marked with an experimental spirit.  I'm not sure if fans or the industry really appreciate the importance of Baker's work, which will surely be studied more when he is no longer with us.  Fuck that, though.  Let's support this kind of fiercely independent voice right now!  Kyle Baker is a national treasure, fam!

To that end, I just became a patron of Kyle's work on Patreon, and I encourage you to CLICK HERE to do the same.  Through his patron-only posts, I learned Baker is reissuing some of his early out-of-print works, so look forward to more news about that as I get confirmation about it.

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