SNOOP DOGG doubles down on the Hater-In-Chief

At the risk of losing our claims to journalistic integrity, it should be said that there are no fans of Donald Trump working here at GhettoManga.  With that in mind, here's the cover to Make America Crip Again, by Long Beach G-rap veteran Snoop Dogg.

According to the associated press, Snoop posted the album cover, a shout-out to the Ice Cube classic Death Certificate, replacing Uncle Sam's cadaver with President Trump's. 
"The President said he wants to make America great again. Fuck that shit, we gonna make America Crip again," -SNOOP DOGG

As you probably knew already, Snoop drew fire from the President last spring for pretending to shoot a clown dressed as Trump in a music video. 

So I expect there will be some kind of internet fireworks over this artwork as well.  I can't say I find this all that provocative.  I figure if a pop music artist, actor and game show host can openly affiliate with an iconic street gang without consequence, he can play like he killed the President, right? 


We'll see.

Have great day!
-"some AX"

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