Download the New Black Panther Cartoon

Props to my man Marcus who found this torrent download for episodes 3 & 4 of the new Black Panther cartoon. to download that joint click here. If you were late getting to the YouTube playlists I posted last week, you can thank Marvel (and/or BET) for flexing their copyright and having the videos pulled. this brings me back to my theory that they released Black Panther exclusively in Australia on purpose as a risk-free way to legally 'leak' it, then yank it after gauging early fan reaction. Obviously, this is just my chocolate-milk-induced conspiracy theory, but I don't think anyone in corporate media is dumb enough (even at Marvel and BET) to believe you can release a new cartoon, but keep it inside the lines you draw for it. So then why do it? well, I have MY answer. Hopefully, they learned what they wanted to know, and govern themselves accordingly... as for me, I think I'll reread the TPB when I get a free minute!



I.G.W. said...

Honestly, after watching the first episode, I can't bring myself to support this show. It's got great vocal talent, the characters involved are awesome and the writing's the same quality it was in the original books.

However, the animation's phoned in. Completely. It's not a true animated series, but rather an animated photo collage cut out from the original material. I would like to see this series last as long as possible, but when following the Marvel animated pedigree of Fox Kids/WB/Etc., Black Panther falls extremely short.

mmcelhaney said...

Samax, I think your theory for why they released the show in Australia has merit. I don't like that they did it that way. I like the animation, but then I like Motion Comics. I think it's an art form that may catch on.

Samax said...

Marcus, I definitely think the Motion Comic is gaining steam, and the fact that Marvel and BET chose to do it this way is probably a testament to that, but ultimately, I think IGW is right. I expect that fans that are used to traditional animation will pan Black Panther, and that it will be interpreted as a sign of discrimination against black characters by some.

I think this art form definitely has its place. I would imagine you can create this kind of content with a much smaller staff and much quicker than a traditional cartoon show. Had it been a comedy, it wouldn't have raised such a stink.

As it is, in the wake of Afro Samurai and the recent series of Hulk DVDs, it would have made more sense to go with traditional animation.

Having said all that, I don't have any trouble accepting it for what it is, but I can see both sides. Maybe Disney will intervene and give it an animation upgrade. Then everybody could be happy!

Anonymous said...

I was at Comic-Con when they announced it was going to air Feb '09 on BET. I've never been a huge fan of comics but as a black person I was excited! I kept looking...and today I found out why. BET and Marvel should be ashamed.

Samax said...

hopefully Disney will get a mulligan on this one.

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