Certified DOPE: Obadiah One

People that have known me for a while know that I used to be very religious. At the time, I was listening almost exclusively to Christian Rap/hip hop music. Just like the larger culture, Christian hip hop produces a lot of poop and a few classics. After I got over my religious phase, I brought my love of classic Christian hip hop with me. That brings me to this dude Obadiah One, and his album Let the Truth Be Told, which as far as I'M concerned, is a freaking BANGER!
I guess it's only fair to point out that this record will not fit well into the collection of the average 'Christian Rap Fan,' who will be bothered by Obadiah's hardcore rap sound (think Keith Murray or DMX), and conscious rap leaning. Ob-1 sounds like that dude that when he sits next to the sweet church lady, she clutches her purse and tucks her chain. Whether he deserves it or not, I think it's an image he cultivates: I could see Obadiah battling thug rappers holding forty ounces in strip club parking lots. Although he doesn't curse on the record, he spits so violently on songs like Desperately, The Exorcism, and Rumors of Wars that you may feel like he let you have it.

On the other hand, the conscious hip hop and hardcore rap heads may find his frequent scriptural references and evangelical spirit off-putting or even offensive. The funny thing about it is, I'm sure Obadiah doesn't care, and that's one of the things that makes him dope. He's very niche and (i guess) not for everyone, but I assure you, this dude is certified dope! He doesn't appear to be posturing or pretending... he doesn't seem to fear being marginalized or controversial... and unlike a lotta these sunday school teachers calling themselves emcees, dude can really SPIT! Let The Truth Be Told is an old record (dropped in 2000, I think), but it still bumps hard today. preview his music (especially Desperately, and The Exorcism) on his mySpace page, and cop this joint mad cheap on Amazon.com.


Corance said...

I remember this dude! He's the truth in the isolated booth!

samax said...

indeed. he has a mySpace, so i hope he is working on new music!

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