Am I wrong to be worried about Spider-Man?

in case you haven't heard, Sony has scrapped its plans for Spider-Man 4... Tobey Maguire, Sam Raimi and the rest have apparently been given their walking papers as Sony has Plan B'd their asses. The script for a Spidey reboot has already been written that is "gritty and contemporary" and will focus on a teenage Peter Parker struggling with his powers and teen angst. Like everyone else, Sony has been mesmerized by the success of 2008 GhettoManga Movie of the Year The Dark Knight. like their comicbook namesakes did in the eighties, Dark Knight and Watchmen are threatening to drag superhero movies in to the depths of the 'not just for kids' dungeon that led to so many depressing, awful and utterly forgettable superhero comics in the '90s.
I'm hoping Sony hasn't forgotten that Spider-Man was still THE superhero movie franchise, even though part 3 was pretty weak. the combination of personal demons and family friendly charm is what makes Spidey work, so i'm hoping Sony keeps that in mind. even after all the cringe-worthy moments in Spider-Man 3, I will still be sad to see Sam Raimi go. He had just the right blend of goofy and serious for Peter Parker and company. Is a new director going to get it so right?
what do you guys think?


Arkonbey said...

wow. Re-booting Spidey already? That's a GREAT idea!

'cause we all know that there are no other good comic-to-screen possibilities. I mean, imagine if they did a film from that comic about a demon working for the US government investigating supernatural happenings? Lame!

Seriously, if there ever was an indicator that it's all about the greenbacks, this is it.

And I got fed up with spidey re-boots in the books long ago and Spidey 3 has put me off the franchise entirely.

Corance said...

I belive Sony is shooting itself in the foot with this move. But, that's the down side of being a lumbering corporate giant. The up side, of course, is being a millianare.

hardCore said...

i'm so with it! hated ONE and THREE. i never thought there was enough contrast between Peter Parker, and Spiderman. It was too Peter Parker for my tastes.

samax said...

I feel like most fans overreacted to Spider-Man 3. I would have preferred if they just fired everybody, but not rebooted.

it's tiresome.

I want somebody to turn a comic into a franchise like James Bond. not dependent on one vision of the characters, but not needing to reboot every time a bad movie happens.

I thought Sony 'got' it... guess not.


i'm sure they will make into a Twilight-style teenfest.

Vee (Scratch) said...

OK, I'm not going to wine about Spidey 3 but trust me there was no over reaction to the film. Prior to that film being made Tobey Maguire and I believe Sam Raimi* lost the passion to continue the Spiderman series.

So basically when I heard about this news, I wasn't surprised. A reboot? There are some incredibly genious Sony execs that thought to themselves, wait-a-minute, Superman and Batman got a reboot . . . why not Spiderman?!?
Yes, be worried, be very worried my friend. Hollywood is like a beast that will consume its young without a second thought.

* I'm not sure about Raimi's interest but I'm pretty sure Maguire wanted to move on and away from Spiderman.

samax said...

Vee, i mostly agree with you. what i mean is that you should dump the cast and director, and just move forward.

do we really NEED to retell Spidey's origin again? yawn...

Tobey and Sam want to move on, or are not cutting it, drop them and let new blood pic up the ball, just like they do in comics. you don't reboot your whole continuity everytime you have a bad story arc. well, maybe you do if you're WACK! but Spidey fans (like me!) deserve better...

BOOO, Sony!

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