Batman + LeSean Thomas = HELL YES!

Looks like the people over at Batman: The Brave and the Bold headquarters recognize game, cause they got that dude LeSean Thomas (Boondocks, Ben10: Alien Force, CannonBusters, Arkanium) to storyboard the payoff on the episode Revenge of the Reach, which features a space battle between the Green Lantern Corps and a suped-up Blue Beetle!

"Green lantern Corps, Challengers of the Unknown AND the Scarab alien armor? This show packs a punch for fans of the series." says the ghettoManga Award-nominee.  "It's also my debut episode as Story Board artist. I boarded ACT 3, the epic, 12-minute Green Lantern Corps Vs. The Reach battle. Sheesh, you try drawing 15, different, alien, ring-weilders all getting the crap kicked out of them each in unique ways by shape-shifting, amor-clad Aliens with Blue Beetle as their evil leader!" LeS continues.

"It took a while to adjust to the storytelling/drawing style, but i got comfy really quick. NOTE TO ASPIRING STORYBOARD ARTISTS FOR 2D ANIMATED ACTION SHOWS: If your director gives you Act 3 of the script as your first assignment, you're supposed to take it as a COMPLIMENT, not a deathwish! [laughter]"


big Shane said...

damn, son! The GLs are catchin' a bad one... but yo, props to your boy LeS. hold it down black man!

samax said...

Who KNEW Blue Beetle had it going on like that?

Goldi gold said...

lawd!!!! I got to peep this fight scene. Congratz on that fam

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