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one of my friends got me talking about Mars ILL the other day... I talk about them on this blog from time to time, but just in case I haven't been clear enough, let me be obvious: Mars ILL's debut album Raw Material is in my top 3 albums of all time.

Sphere of Hip Hop Pt 2 by Mars ILL
Released in 2001, Raw Material features the "he's the dj i'm the rapper" combo of Manchild and DJ Dust, and for my money, they do it as good as any emcee/deejay combo you will find anywhere. Raw Material is an album that probably took a long time to record. Like many debut records, Raw Material's best tracks have the sound of a couple of hungry, passionate musicians and their friends just banging out tracks with whatever tools they could find. As evidenced by songs like the two part joint, Sphere of Hip Hop which pretty much sums up my feelings and philosophy about hip hop. To be completely honest, their third studio album Pro Pain is probably a better, more focused record, but Raw Material passes the desert island test easy.
to read/listen to more of my posts with Mars Ill (including appearances with the supergroup Deepspace 5) click here. you can buy Raw Material on Amazon by clicking here.
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