New 7 page BLACK PANTHER preview

Things are heating up in the pages of ghettoManga Comicbook of the Year  for 2009, Black Panther! Behind the scenes, Doctor Doom has sewn the seeds of insurrection in Wakanda. Click the cover for a 7 page preview. Here's the sales pitch:
If you think you know what's coming next in BLACK PANTHER, guess again. Shuri, T'Challa and Storm are caught up in a tangle of plots within plots as Doctor Doom and the Broker close the jaws of their trap. Heroes will fall, trust will be betrayed, secrets will be revealed, and nothing will ever be the same. The fuse is lit and Wakanda is about to explode. Guest stars Namor and the Fantastic Four jump into action as the new Black Panther goes to war.
Looks like Doom has gotten Wakanda's two biggest guns - T'challa and Storm- off the table. This is a Marvel comic, so of course you know, this means WAR! Black Panther #12 will arrive in comic shops on Ninjasday (that's Wednesday, for the uninitiated) January 13th.

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