Wanna Watch The Black Panther Cartoon?

Everybody can stop being mad at the Australians... now we poor Americans can watch the new Black Panther cartoon too, thanks to the miracle of YouTube. The animation is more than a typical motion comic, but don't expect Afro Samurai. I thought it was pretty dope for what it was. I'll be tuning in... to y'know... YouTube... for anybody who hasn't read Reggie Hudlin's  Who Is the Black Panther trade already, this pretty closely follows the plot of the book.  They made some minor changes to the story, adding a couple scenes, for example. I was actually surprised a couple times. I think I'll go back and read it again while we're waiting on the next episode...
so anyways, what did you guys think?


czatheceo said...

i'm sad that marvel worked on that watered down made for bet bull ish...horrible to say the least.

Corance said...

The animation is madd cheap, and I didn't like Cap's voice. That's the worst I can say about it. I thought it was well directed. If they actually had a budget for the in betweeners, I think it would make a huge difference.

samax said...

a agree. i enjoyed it... but actual animation would make it better.

everyone pray to mickey mouse and maybe he'll put some of that scrooge mcduck behind it, nah' mean?

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