How Many Ninjas Can YOU Find?

Ninjas are experts at blending into their environment. Although they generally use that proficiency to help them kill people and stuff, it has many other practical uses. Anyways, comicbook artist, Illustrator and known ninja-lover Jim Rugg (Street Angel, Afrodisiac, The Plain Janes) has created the piece Invisible for a magazine client who unbelievably did not run with it! therefore, GhettoManga gives you the opportunity to click the pic to enlarge and count the Ninjas, and see how many you can find! that's good, clean ninja fun right there! for more of my posts about Jim Rugg's work, click here. Or click here to buy his books on


Arkonbey said...

there are 15 ninja( but the guy on the bike could go either way).

Unless the joke is all the passersby are ninja, then the answer is 19.

And, oh, that is pretty awesome.

samax said...

look again: the biker's definitely a ninja. you can see his mask inside the helmet visor.

i count nineteen (not counting the 3 civilians in the middle, who may be sleepers).

did you catch the one under the station wagon? and the one standing on the ledge on the upper right?


yeah, this is awesome. I heart Jim Rugg! my ninja 4 life!

samax said...

AAAARGH! One of my Twitter readers SWEARS he counts 20! (rubs eyes)

okay, i'm GOING back IN!

Arkonbey said...

Dang! I missed the manhole and the sewer drain!

I didn't look close enough at the biker, either.

Lehooo said...

I can only see 19 of them:
#1: A red one on the roof in the top-left.
#2: One on the telephone pole.
#3: A black one on the roof in the top-right (you can only see his feet).
#4: A red one against the wall in the right.
#5: A black one climbing the wall in the alley to the left of #4.
#6: A white one on the top of the bus.
#7: Another white one climbing the ledge outside a window just next to the tree.
#8, #9 and #10: Three black ninjas in the tree.
#11: A black ninja peeking out from behind the tree.
#12: A black ninja hiding in the back of the car.
#13: A black ninja against the window of the coffee shop, reading a paper.
#14: A black ninja in the trash can.
#15: A black ninja down in the sewers, peeking up right under the trash can.
#16: A gray ninja hiding under the car.
#17: A black ninja peeking up from the sewers in the manhole.
#18: The biker.
#19: A black ninja inside the bus (or maybe he's behind the bus).

I can't find a #20 anywhere, unless it's one of the other civilians or maybe that gray smudge in the tree, to the left. That looks a bit suspicious, but it's not an obvious ninja.

samax said...

I'm with YOU Lehoo... i never found that 20th ninja

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