One to Watch: The Book of Eli

After watching an early showing this afternoon, I definitely recommend The Book of Eli to anybody sitting on the fence about watching it. It has nice action sequences and effects. While it's rated R for violence and language, I don't think it's too violent or vulgar for church-going folk (who I think will be encouraged and/or inspired by it's spiritual subtext), but I'm pretty sure its Christian themes will be understated enough to make it palatable for non-Christians who just wanna see Denzel Washington chop up bad people with a razor-sharp blade while getting his quest on... (read my full review here)


Corance said...

Eli has madd skillz! I love this movie.

big Shane said...

Yeah, dude goes extra hard in this movie! thanks for the heads up. I was "on the fence" as you said before I read your review.

Corance said...

I've actually read a couple of negative reviews of "Eli" and I'll say this: It works best if you can get into the blind samurai thing. Otherwise, I guess you might not buy the ending.

samax said...

i can see that. some people are have no poetry in their souls. they should go watch a tyler perry movie instead.

Corance said...


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