Ladies Love War Machine...

No, Jim Rhodes has not given up on black women, these pics are from armor built by hardcore cos-player Anthony Le, who has built and constantly upgraded this War Machine replica armor. The armor has lights in the guantlets, chestplate and helmet, as well as motorized gun turrets.  he's currently rebuilding the armor to make it even more accurate, with more guns and heavier armor plating.
get your fan on, homie!



Corance said...

That's what a real fan does! We need more like him.

samax said...

this dude is BONKERS!

Arkonbey said...

That IS hardcore, though I will also agree with bonkers.

I wonder if, because he's doing it by himself, the armor costs more overall than the studio version (as the studio would have access to more resources like better molds and bulk material).

For fanboy cosplay, I thought that kid that made his own HALO armor and weapons out of cardboard was pretty awesome

B_Steelo said...

I should make a Gundam suit.
He sould get the gatlink

samax said...

@Arkonbey. my favorite is a girl i saw at an anime convention dressed as Starscream. her suit was made of foam rubber and lookd EXACTLY like the 80's cartoon version!

@Steelo- he actually has started building a gatling gun similar to the 'real' one and is rigging it to shoot bottle rockets

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