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Whaddup, Niiiinjaaaah!? I was on Daddy Day Care detail all day, so no new comics for me today, but i still got dope previews of comics in stores now for you, so click on any pic for a preview courtesy of CBR!

Kick Ass #8 by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.
THIS IS IT!!! The final confrontation as KICK-ASS and HIT GIRL test their mettle. Bodies will fly and bad guys will die as the biggest surprise hit super hero comic of the twenty-first century reaches shocking new heights! Who will live? Who will be morally outraged? MARK MILLAR (WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN) and JOHN ROMITA JR. (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) know the answers—and they hold NOTHING BACK in what’s sure to be the most talked-about single issue of the year!
If you like to relieve stress by reading about kids in silly costumes committing acts of violence that would make a Tarantino film look a Disney straight-to-video sequel (who doesn't?), click here.

Donald Duck and Friends #350 The stakes get higher as Donald, in his new role as “Double Duck,” is drawn further into the Agency’s world of shadowy intrigue and danger! This is Donald Duck like you’ve never seen him, as only BOOM! Kids can deliver. 
if you don't click here to preview this, I question the basis of our relationship...

Irredeemable #10 Story by Mark Waid, art by Peter Krause and Diego Barreto
Revealed at last–the secrets behind the Bette/Gilgamos/Plutonian triangle as we learn just what brought Gilgamos to the Paradigm team originally–and why he may never trust any one of his former friends ever again! An apocalyptic superhero ongoing by the author of multiple Eisner Award-winning KINGDOM COME and EMPIRE! To peep a SWEET preview of this joint, click here.

X-Babies #4 (of 4) Story by Gregg Schigiel, Art by Jacob Chabot, Colors by Emily Warren, with cover art by Skottie Young...

The gloves come off! The X-Babies are in way over their heads as they're overwhelmed by adorable-ness. Can they, even with the help of the Star Heroes, survive? And when the dust settles, control of the Mojoverse goes to...?????? The X-Babies status quo changes forever in this issue! Plus, a Star Comics reprint! to preview X-Babies #4, click here. of course, you might wanna peep the book that started it all for the X-Babies X-men Annual #10 (it's a mother effin' CLASSIC!). just sayin'...

yeah, you're welcome... so anyways, expect reviews and comments about some of these when I get around to it, but for now they all pass my smell test! get at your local comic shop, and get you some...


Arkonbey said...

Mr. Young draws some nice X-babies, but it just reminds me how much I miss Arthur Adams...

samax said...

right. the way comics looked in the nineties owed a whole lot to Arthur Adams' X-men Annuals. Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, and Silvestri pretty much swiped his style for the X-books and carried it with them to Image.

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